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I will now highlight procedures that should be taken to ensure that parcels are properly packaged so as to avoid any damage during parcel delivery.  These guidelines will also help ensure that safety of anyone handling your packages during parcel delivery, for example, delivery drivers and depot staffs against any injuries.  Ensuring that your parcel is correctly packaged will also protect other customers’ parcel from damage during parcel delivery as you may be liable for damage if your parcel’s insufficient packaging is the cause of damage. 


Packaging your Parcel


Internal packaging is as important as external packaging during parcel delivery.  To prevent damage during parcel delivery, please ensure there is enough cushioning inside the parcel so as to make sure that the items do not move around and also preventing any accidents during parcel delivery. 


There are many materials that are available to ensure that your parcel is adequately packed.  Below is a list of such materials and their description, to help you better choose the packaging material you require for parcel delivery.


Bubble wrap: a type of polythene wrapping containing many small air pockets that is used as protective covering during parcel delivery. 


Poly chips: These have many names such as packing peanuts, void fill, etc and are the small polystyrene chips that fill the empty space between your item and the box.  This is a very cost effective method to protect your item during parcel delivery. 


Corrugated cardboard: These are available in different sizes.  Depending on how fragile your item is, you can choose between single, double or triple layer to better guard the items during parcel delivery.


Polyethylene foam sheeting is available in varying thickness and is used for padding and wrapping articles to prevent any damage during parcel delivery.


It is advisable that an item is wrapped around several times so that the outer edge of the item cannot be felt.  If two items are combined together into one, both items must be wrapped individually, so as to prevent dents and scratches during parcel delivery.  Also note that if you are sending heavy items, you must ensure they do not move within the box itself otherwise it will cause the outer packaging to split, so packing it tightly into a strong card board box is the way forward.


Items with parts that stick out.

If items with parts that stick out are being sent, try removing them if possible and package separately. If these cannot be removed, ensure that these are wrapped enough times to ensure they are secure during parcel delivery, for example, sending off a bicycle will have parts that can be removed, such as handle bars, wheels, pedals etc.


I want to send car parts.

In general, car parts are heavy. Therefore, very secure packaging is necessary to ensure no damage to any parts of the actual car part is done during parcel delivery. For the safety of everyone, including yourself, carrying the parcel during parcel delivery, you must make sure that any liquids such as oil, brake fluid, antifreeze and fuel are removed from the parts as these can be very hazardous to anyone involved in the parcel delivery.


For more information with regards to prohibited items, please ask your courier or visit the FAQ page of the parcel delivery company you intend to use.

To ensure your parts arrives in one piece, wrap the part(s) using packaging paper or Polyethylene wrapping, then, box it up using a double layer walled card board box.  There are more details about cardboard boxes at the bottom of the article.


Items that contain glass


Make sure you check with the parcel delivery company’s term and conditions about whether they ship items containing glass and other fragile items.  Although, some parcel delivery companies will not allow you to ship items with glass, other parcel delivery companies will be able to send the items but you will not be covered for damages.  Also ensure that all packages with glass items have fragile written on them so as to ensure that safety of anyone handling the package during parcel delivery.


Guidelines for cardboard boxes


Below is a list of types of cardboard boxes that can be used for parcels.  It is very important to choose the right one for your parcels for parcel delivery.


Weight of Contents

Grade of Carton



Average Load

High Density Load*

Up to 5kg




212B or 212C






313C or 623B

2112CB (double wall)


It is also possible to double box your items.


Who’s responsible for my shipment and parcel?


As the sender of the parcel, you are person responsible for the parcels during parcel delivery.  It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the parcels are sufficiently packed and adhere to the terms and conditions of the parcel delivery company you wish to use.


Sealing your packages


Ensure that you purchase the right adhesive for your package to ensure that no damage or lost occurs during parcel delivery.  If needed, seal the package several times.  Make sure that tape is applied along any flaps or cuts that may open during parcel delivery. 


For Larger, heavier parcels, please use plastic strapping which aims to strap the parcel lengthwise and width wise to create a cross.  This make sure that the parcel is safe and easy to handle during parcel delivery. 


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